The Financial Benefits Of Walking And Cycling

This is for many reasons, but the main reason is because we aren’t towing a vehicle behind our RV. Without a car, we have been “forced” to take advantage of the many benefits of walking and cycling.

We have saved money by not having a car with us and we are feeling healthier. Plus, doing everything mostly by walking or cycling has been quite rewarding.

I understand that for many driving a car everywhere may make it more convenient, but in some cases it may also just be a habit that a person is used to.

Getting out and walking to where you want to go may be exactly what you need if you want to save more money, be more active, feel refreshed, and so on.

Below are some of the many financial benefits of walking and/or cycling more.

Save money on transportation.

One of the great benefits of walking and/or cycling is that you may be able to save money on transportation.

If you are able to walk and/or bike everywhere that you need to be, you may be able to completely shave off car insurance, gas, automobile maintenance, and other expenses completely out of your budget.

Considering that the average family spends over $10,000 annually on car-related expenses, that is a lot of money you may be able to save!

However, not everyone is ready to completely get rid of all of their vehicles. I understand, that’s a bigger change than most want to make. Plus, your car is probably helpful in many occasions, such as getting you to work.

In that case, even walking or biking to some of the places you need to be can still help you save money on gas. You can also save money as you will have to do maintenance less often on your car as well.

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Lower your medical bills.

Health issues and medical bills are something that many have to face. However, one of the benefits of walking and biking more is that you may be able to improve your health and hopefully prevent certain medical problems which may arise in the future.

This is one of the big benefits of walking and cycling more – you will be more healthy!

Increase your productivity.

I used to often skip out on walking, cycling, and working out, in general, because I would justify to myself that the time could be better used on something else (such as working, cleaning, etc.).

That’s just not true, though!

Working out can help you go to work refreshed, which may help you be more productive as well as increase your creativity.

I’ve noticed that the more active I am, the more I am able to get done. While it may seem like it would be the opposite, I definitely recommend you try it.

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Receive a reward from your employer.

This is one of the relatively newer benefits of walking and being active.

More and more employers are rewarding their employees for being active. Some companies offer cash bonuses, lower health insurance premiums, and more all for being active.

How often do you walk or bike? What other benefits of walking and cycling are there?



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