The Future Of Banking – A Look At Regions’ Innovative New Bank Branches

As a personal finance blogger, I’ve seen the ways technology is helping more and more people manage their finances in more user friendly ways. And when it comes to banking, it’s great that you can just pick up your phone to check your balance, deposit checks, pay your bills, and more.

But with so many of our day to day tasks happening online these days, there are some times when I still want a little more human interaction, especially since I work online. Also, living on a sailboat means that if you are out sailing, then you might go a few days without seeing a single other person other than the person you’re sailing with.

This is why I really still value in-person communication– it’s just helps so you don’t go crazy, haha!

So, to help those of us who like technology and those of us who do want more of a personal touch when it comes to visiting a bank branch, Regions Bank is changing their approach to in-person banking.

While Regions already has a great mobile app that lets you make payments, send money to family and friends, deposit checks, and more, they are redesigning their branches to make it even easier and painless to visit the bank.

We all have a mental picture of what a bank branch is like. You walk in, there are ropes around the teller lines, and the bankers are somewhere in the back or to the sides in their offices. That’s not the case anymore with Regions’ new branches. Their new locations feature some of the most advanced banking technology, have a fun modern look, and they make it easy to talk to people when you need one-on-one help.

Their newest innovative branch location– St. Louis!

A big part of the reason I got excited to include this sponsored post on my blog is because the newest of these super modern and friendly branches is in my hometown, St. Louis!

Regions Bank currently has over 1,400 locations across the South, Midwest, and Texas, and this new one is just a few minutes away from where Wes and I used to live.

If you’re in St. Louis, this new branch will be located at 7 South Vandeventer Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63108– just down the street from IKEA and St. Louis University. It opens on December 3, 2018.

In addition to their DepositSmart ATMs that let you make deposits, withdrawals, and cash checks at your convenience in a safe and secure vestibule. This new branch will also feature the following improvements.

No more teller lines

Instead of standing in between those roped-off lines and watching the person in front of you try to dig their driver’s license out of their bag, Regions’ new branches, including this new St. Louis one, are getting rid of teller lines all together.

Now, a Regions Banker will greet you as you enter the branch and have a simple conversation to see how they can help you with your needs. They may direct you to one of their many video teller machines, and I’ll talk about these in a second. But instead of needing to make an appointment to see a separate banker for things like opening a checking or savings account, you can get help with those things as soon as you walk in.

Video Tellers

If you have a simple banking need, like check cashing, withdrawals, etc. Regions Bank is adding video teller machines to their new locations to make this easy and fast.

It’s pretty simple, you just walk up and connect with a Regions Video Banker via a live two-way video. They can help you process those basic banking needs, and they can also help you with any general inquiries.

The really great thing is that you can access these tellers during extended weekday hours as well as weekends and most holidays.

Virtual Concierge

This isn’t just part of their in-person banking services, it is how Regions Bank is trying to personalize your online or mobile banking experience.

Their Virtual Concierge service lets you connect with one of their bankers online and go over any questions you might have, from online banking to remote check deposits. They can also help with some financial planning advice to help keep you on track with your financial goals.

You can access their Virtual Concierge in one of their newly redesigned branches, but you can also connect with them through email, chat, phone, and LinkedIn.

What do you look for in a bank?


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