The Many Positives Of Using Airbnb Plus a Coupon Code For Your Next Vacation!

We stayed in them around ten times in 2014, and plan on staying in them many more times this year as well.

I always look at Airbnb’s website (this is an affiliate link that will give you a $25 off Airbnb coupon code for your next stay) first when planning our trips.

Even though I use Airbnb often, there are still many people out there who have never heard of Airbnb before, so I thought it would be a great service to review.

With this Airbnb review, I hope to help you see why you should be using Airbnb as well. Below are some of the many positives of using this vacation rental website:

You might have a kitchen in your Airbnb vacation rental.

One of the big positives of staying in a short-term rental over a hotel is that you most likely will have a kitchen. All of the Airbnb rentals that we have stayed in have had kitchens, and we always use them.

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to create this Airbnb review – because you can save a ton of money by having a kitchen on your vacation!

I love having a kitchen when I am traveling because it helps me be able to curb back on some of my food spending. Keep in mind that we travel a lot with our dogs, so we like to be in the rental at least some of the time with them. So, having a kitchen means that we can go grocery shopping and make a nice meal for ourselves.

Funny thing is that we usually spend less money on food when we are traveling than when we are at home.

This was our Airbnb rental for our Joshua Tree trip.

Airbnb can be cost effective if you have a large group.

If you have a large group that you are traveling with, then finding a place to rent is usually more affordable. This is because with a hotel, you might have to rent multiple rooms, pay fees for all of the people, and more.

However, if you are renting, you can usually find an affordable house with multiple bedrooms that can fit your whole family comfortably for a price that is much cheaper than at a hotel.

Plus, with my $25 coupon code for Airbnb, it’s even more affordable. No, $25 isn’t a ton of money, but it can help!

Airbnb is great if you are bringing pets.

A hotel is a fine spot for us for a day or two, but a rental is where we prefer to stay if we plan on staying somewhere for a week.

What I love about Airbnb is that I can usually find a house that allows me to bring my pets. Sure, I can bring my dogs to a hotel, but there usually isn’t a backyard for them to run around in.

You’ll have more space.

With a short-term rental, it is usually an apartment, a townhouse, a house, a cabin, or something along those lines. That means that there is usually more space with a short-term Airbnb rental than with a hotel room. You’ll most likely have a separate bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, a balcony, and more.

With a hotel, you usually just have one room that is just a few hundred square feet.

This is an Airbnb vacation rental that we stayed at on a trip to Miami.

You can also make money with Airbnb.

Okay, so this last one isn’t exactly a reason for why you travel with Airbnb.

However, you can make extra money by hosting travelers in your own home. If you have an extra room, an apartment above a garage, a guest house, or something else, you can make money through Airbnb. If you sign up and host someone through my link (that’s the same link throughout my Airbnb review that will give you a $25 Airbnb coupon code as well), you will receive a $75 bonus.

Don’t completely throw out the idea of hosting others. Read the post on my blog Debunking 5 Myths About Renting out a Room to a Stranger before you decide not to. We have rented our home (but on a long-term basis) in the past and have made extra money.

Before you look for an Airbnb rental…

There are some things you will want to keep in mind in order to make your stay great:

  1. Always read the Airbnb reviews. Airbnb reviews can tell you a lot about the place and the host. There are Airbnb reviews that you can read right on the rental’s description page. Or, there are also Airbnb reviews for the host as well. You will want to read the reviews in order to see if the rental is the correct one for you, how the host is, and more.

  2. Read and understand the Airbnb description. Some places will have rules, such as if you can have pets, if you can have others over, and so on.

  3. Remember that Airbnb is not a hotel. This is something that I’ve noticed people forget. An Airbnb rental will not be the same as staying in a hotel. Someone won’t be there to clean the rental every day (unless you request that and pay an additional cleaning fee), there won’t be a concierge, and there might not be room service.

How do you like to save money when traveling? Have you ever used Airbnb? Or do you prefer hotels?

Don’t forget to sign up for Airbnb since you will receive a $25 Airbnb coupon code for your next stay. This Airbnb coupon code does not expire, so you can just sign up and it will just save to your account for when you plan your trip in the future.

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