Thinking You Can’t Do Something And Making Excuses

A year from now you may wish you had started today. ~ Karen Lamb

Excuses are what holds a person back. I know this because I hear excuses nearly every single day, and I have made many of my own as well.

I’ve made excuses for why I couldn’t leave my day job, why I can’t stop eating junk food, why I’m too busy to do something, why I don’t have the experience to do certain things, how it’s unfair that some people have certain privileges, and so on.

See, after my father passed away when I was only 18, I felt especially vulnerable and made lots of excuses for things. It felt like everything was very unfair since the person I loved the most had passed away.

I made excuses to skip classes, for why I had no time to do anything, why I was upset, why I shouldn’t look for ways to make extra money, and so on. I told myself that other people have help with everything and that I was all alone – and for some reason I thought it was okay to make these excuses since my dad had passed away.

This went on for several years. When things were good, I was happy. But, when things were bad, I would just blame it all on how my life was difficult and that I didn’t have a parent to help me get through it.

Please head on over to to read my guest post How To Take Control of Your Life and Stop Making Excuses.



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