Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance

His addiction was so bad that him and his girlfriend went to therapy because he was addicted to work and staying online.

He said he worked 100 hours each week. Whether they were eating, driving, having fun or finding out that they were going to have a child, he was constantly doing work online.

I guess since self-employment is still relatively new to me, I find myself online or on my phone all the time too.

And, just last night, W told me that I’m a workaholic.

That isn’t new though. I’ve always kind of known that I’m addicted to work.

I wish I could say that I have a good work-life balance, but I probably do not. I don’t set time aside for work, which means that I bring my laptop with my everywhere and work while I do something else a lot of the time.

It is a good thing that I enjoy what I do, and that it doesn’t always feel like a job, but I do need to set boundaries and work on having a better work-life balance. I need to be able to fit time in for other things in life that do not consist of me being on my laptop and on the internet!

Have a set schedule to have a better work-life balance.

Whether you work at an office or you work for yourself at home, having a set schedule is very important. If you work from home, then it can be especially hard to leave work “in your office.” I often find myself working all morning and all night long.

If it means that the only way you can function is if you turn off your phone and leave it at home or in a completely separate room so that you don’t think about it, then you need to start doing that. I try to not bring my phone with me when I go out anymore. It stays at home so that I can truly enjoy myself!

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Prioritize your work in order to have a better work-life balance.

I like to prioritize my tasks sometimes from the easiest to the hardest or the hardest to the easiest. The good part about doing easy tasks is that you can knock the little things out first and take items off your to do list. It always feels nice to cross things off your to do list, right?

I also make sure to do tasks for my clients first. If something is important, I ALWAYS do that first. If something can wait a few hours or a few days, then I will put it at the end of my to do list.

Sometimes you have to say no so that you can have a better work-life balance.

If you always say “yes” to everything and you have no time for yourself or your own tasks, then you might want to learn how to say no. Having fewer items on your list of things to do will of course free up some time.

You’re probably thinking “But I HAVE to do that.”

No, you probably don’t. You should determine what the value of the task is to you. Could you possibly find someone else to do the task instead? Is the task worth your time?

Outsource jobs that you can hire others to do.

If you find yourself low on time, then you might want to consider hiring someone to help you out. There are virtual assistants, personal assistants and everything else out there. You can designate certain tasks that don’t exactly need YOU in order to function.

Have a to-do list.

I always have a to do list. Without it, I would spend too much time wondering if I had something to do. I also make good use of the calendar on my phone.

Set time aside to relax and to have fun.

You can do many things to make sure you have time to have fun. Maybe make each day after 6 p.m. a no-work night. You can do this by turning off everything completely and spending time with your friends and/or family.

How do you manage both work and life?

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