Too Much Spending and Weekly Update

May has been a great month so far, except for this cough that I just can’t seem to get over.

Anyway, I had my bachelorette party this month and Wes had his bachelor party. Mine was a lot of fun and I’m sure his was as well.

Even though we both had a lot of fun, we are both happy to be home. I missed my pups a lot!


This past week has been a doozy for us. There has been so much spending so far in May that I kind of just want to run away from life! Haha just kidding… Kind of!

I went to Vegas last week, and Wes got from Vegas early this morning. We also bought clothes for both of our trips and had some wedding spending this month so far as well. It’s just a big month of spending for us, and it doesn’t plan on stopping until mid-June unfortunately.

Business Income

May has been a good month for income so far. I did take around 5 days off last week, but I’ve been spending the last few days catching up on everything. I’m not sure if May will be one of my strongest months, but it will be up there.

If anyone needs any help, check out my Hire Me page and let me know what services you are interested in.

Being healthy

Being healthy has been non-existant lately. Lets move on to the next category… 🙂

Wedding Planning

Our wedding is 3 weeks away. Isn’t that crazy?

Two things…

1. We are having a slight problem with getting the RSVPs back. We addressed and stamped them, yet we have only received around 40 RSVPs back (as of this morning), and we are still waiting on around 60 of them. The deadline is tomorrow so I guess I have a lot of phone calls to make in the next few days.

2. Also, I brought my wedding dress to an alterations place back in February. As of two days ago, I still hadn’t received a phone call from them even though they said they would call me in March about my wedding dress. I called the other day and it turns out they haven’t even started it yet, and they don’t plan on starting it until the day before my wedding. That is FREAKING NUTS, right?

I can’t be the only one whose jaw hit the ground, right? The day BEFORE my wedding and THEN it will be started?

I plan on finding another place to do it, but until then I don’t want to tell them because I don’t want them to ruin my dress because they get mad at me or something. Yup, I am that paranoid, but I know that happens…

Oh yeah, and we still haven’t planned our honeymoon. That’s one thing I am really looking forward to so I need to start thinking!

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Have you been doing well with your income, spending and being healthy?

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