Top tips for student budgeting

It’s not cheap being a student nowadays (not that it ever was), and with fees and the cost of living seemingly increasing every year (by a lot in some countries) it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re saving every cent you can save and not throwing money down the toilet. Here are academic essay writing company Essay Site’s top tips for living on the cheap at college or uni:

1. Don’t throw money down the toilet

Going out and getting drunk is part of student life (even when it shouldn’t be, like when you have essays to write, or when you’re not legally old enough to drink), but that’s not to say that you should be getting off your face every night of the week. Know when you’ve had enough, because every drink after that will cost you a couple of dollars and end up on the floor outside the nightclub or down the toilet if you make it home.

2. Earn more money

Your student loan will only go so far when you’re living away from home. For some people it can cover all the costs, but some people have extra expenses like having to drive to campus, or perhaps they receive less help from their parents than other students do from theirs. A part time job can provide enough income to get through your course – and the more you earn while you’re learning, the less debt you’ll leave with.

3. Organize yourself

Whether you’re relying on a student loan or getting income from a job, your income will come in a lump sum, but your expenses will trickle out little by little – you might not even notice that it’s going. It’s worth making a note of what you’re earning and what you’re planning to spend so you don’t lose cash that you don’t have – if you want to be strict on yourself then open another bank account for essential expenses like rent, so you don’t drink away the money you need to live off.

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