Travel Reward Cards

Wise Bread had an article on Travel Rewards Cards, and it got me thinking. I don’t have ANY reward cards. I always hear about people getting their trips for free, which is definitely appealing to me.

I just realized that all of my posts today are about traveling. I did not plan it like this. Obviously my brain is trying to tell me that I need a vacation. Here are some tips on how this lady scores free trips:

  1. Find credit card offer sign-up bonuses. Lots of credit card companies offer different types of bonuses, such as more miles or cash back. Compare and save!

  2. Utilize credit card spending. There are different ways to earn more points. I’ve heard of people (just like it says in the article as well) buying certain coins and so on in order to earn more points.

  3. Get bumped. Getting bumped on your flight can also lead to more rewards or cash. I have friends who have gotten bumped before and if you wait out long enough when your flights about to depart, usually they’ll bump up the amount that they are giving out. Sometimes they will give a couple hundred dollars and reimburse you for your plane ticket.

Do you have any travel rewards cards? Recommend some! What are your tips?

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