True meaning of Christmas

I wanted to share this great and very touching story with you. I just read it on Yahoo.

This woman in Indianapolis paid anonymously for many layaway toys at a local Kmart. She gave out $50 bills and paid for as many as 50 people’s full carts of toys.

“The young father stood in line at the Kmart layaway counter, wearing dirty clothes and worn-out boots. With him were three small children.

He asked to pay something on his bill because he knew he wouldn’t be able to afford it all before Christmas. Then a mysterious woman stepped up to the counter.

“She told him, ‘No, I’m paying for it,'” recalled Edna Deppe, assistant manager at the store in Indianapolis. “He just stood there and looked at her and then looked at me and asked if it was a joke. I told him it wasn’t, and that she was going to pay for him. And he just busted out in tears.”

This reminded me of The Happy Homeowner’s Operation Give Back. I would check out the awesome and nice things that she’s done so far for strangers. It’s wonderful.

And check out Shopping to Saving’s similar blog post, we obviously think way too much alike! What have you been doing to give back?



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