Turning my extra bedroom into a CLOSET

I talked to the BF the other day about turning one of our extra bedrooms into a closet. I have kind of a big closet right now. It’s in a den right now, but there’s no window in it, and I’d rather have a little sunlight and more room. Two of our extra bedrooms are just sitting empty (our third extra bedroom is a guest bedroom). I of course don’t want to spend a lot of money, so a lot of stuff will probably have to be made by me.

And he said he’s good with the idea! I want to paint one of the walls striped like below.

And I want a nice chair in there and an ottoman. I plan on putting everything together myself, so it’ll be hard and a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it. I figure I could find closet book shelf type furniture at Lowes or Home Depot and just have a couple rows of that. And then I want a really big mirror.

Any tips? Do any of you have a big closet that I could grab some ideas from?

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