Update on my WAY too many goals

One of my main goals is to keep track of my goals. I’m horrible at keeping track of them so I decided that I need to do an update post to see where I am. We’re nearly 5 months into the year, so this isn’t a horrible time to do an update, right?

Here are my 2012 goals:

  1. Get toned. FAIL. I’ve been horrible with this. Haven’t worked out too much but I have been running with my dog. I plan on working out after work from now on. However, I hate it when the gym is crowded. So I will most likely just stick to running with my dog and doing ab work and strength training at my house. Why do I have a gym membership again? I obviously do not need it.

  2. Have a great year at work. PASS. Work has been great so far! I really like the people I work with and my job is great. We went out for my birthday on Monday for lunch and my boss told me that he still can’t believe that I’m only 23. And he gave me a bunch of other great compliments!

  3. Get my MBA. PASS. I’ll be done this August! WOOHOO. I honestly can’t believe that I’m almost done with school. What a nice break this will be.

  4. Pay off my car by March 2012. PASS. Paid it off! Check out my post on this if you haven’t done so already. Not having a car loan is a wonderful feeling. I hated dedicating so much of my money towards my car. I paid it off 13 months early, which is great also.

  5. Decrease my student loans to $20,000. FAIL. I’m at around $30K right now (so it actually increased). I hope to start really working on this after I graduate. And I’m paying for this summer semester with cash.

  6. Save around $4,500 for vacations. PASS. I paid for my Kauai vacation with cash and now I just have to save a little bit more for my Vegas vacation. I’m saving for all of this with my side income. I want to start saving more though, as from now on out, I want to have FANTASTIC vacations where I stop worrying about money while on them. I hate that feeling.

  7. Make $10,000 in side income. Working on this… I’ve made around $500 a month so far. Need to up this by a lot!

  8. Grow my blog. I’m working on this still. I’m thinking of switching over to WordPress and I want to update a lot of things on my blog. I also want to start a new health blog soon to track my way to becoming healthy. I’m thinking about including food, recipes, tracking my body, and maybe venturing into yoga and pilates. What does everyone think of this? Stupid idea?

  9. Volunteer twice a month. FAIL. Haven’t volunteered at all…

  10. Increase my net worth to $85,000. I’m at around $70,000. Working on this! Seeing this number going up is a great feeling as well.

  11. Keep track of my goals. FAIL. This is my first time looking at this haha.

Here’s my 5-year plan (from my old post):


  1. Pay off student loans completely. Working on this. They should be paid off by the end of next year. My plan is to pay around $2,000 a month starting this August.

  2. Start aggressively paying off mortgage. This will start at the end of 2013 (right after I’m done with my student loans).

  3. Add a bathroom to the basement. We are going to be pricing this soon. Has anyone ever added a bathroom to their house? How much did it cost you?

  4. Add a bar area to the basement. Haven’t even thought about this…

2014 – 2016

  1. Have our house at least 50% to 75% paid off. We will definitely be on track for this.

  2. Start planning and deciding if I want to get my Executive MBA. I still haven’t decided on this. I won’t know for sure until I’m around 30. Has anyone started going for their EMBA?

Somewhere in these 5 years, I would also like to:

  1. Go on a month long vacation. I still definitely want to do this. With my job though, this makes it hard.

  2. Go on a long hiking trip. I don’t have a ton of vacation left this year because of Kauai and then my Vegas vacation in August, so I won’t be able to go long hiking trip this year, but maybe next!

Do you have a 5 year plan that you’re keeping track of?



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