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Hey everyone! Happy Friday. The week went by pretty slow for me. Can’t wait until classes are done and I don’t have to worry about classes right after work.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of possibilities for what I can do to fill my time once I graduate. I posted last week about what I should do with all my free time. Which then led to extra money ideas.

Another thing I can do is volunteer. In the past, there have been so many things that I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t had enough time to devote to it. But now I’ll be free after work instead of rushing to classes.

There are 3 ideas that I’m thinking of. The Humane Society, the Pet food pantry, and Big Brother Big Sister. Of course there are so many other things that I want to do also, but right now these are my top 3.

Humane Society I very much want to volunteer at the Humane Society. I hate when animals are treated bad and I don’t understand how people can do the things that they do.

I was accepted earlier this year to volunteer with them, but I didn’t have time and had to give my spot up. But now that I have time, I would really like to join the rescue team. Even though I’d most likely be super sad if/when I had to go to someone’s house and rescue their animals from them, I know it would be extremely meaningful to me.

If I didn’t work in the rescue, then I could work with fundraising, the adoption center and so on. There are so many possibilities and areas.

Pet Food Pantry There is a pet food pantry near where I live. They collect food from people and pet food stores (such as Petsmart). Then around once a month they have a day where they giveaway tons of pet food to people who need food for their pets. It’s a great program. Each person is only limited to around 2 to 3 months. It’s designed to just help people get back on their feet.

I feel like this is a great idea for me. Yet again, I love animals, so I know it will be a good fit. They do donation drives fundraisers, etc.

Big Brother Big Sister This is something that I definitely want to do as well. I don’t know much about it though besides that you are matched up with someone younger of course. Has anyone ever done this? I think this would be a great experience for me, and hopefully I’d have a meaningful impact on someone else.

My sister is also thinking about doing this, and I think that’ll be interesting as well. Hopefully I do this soon.

Do you volunteer? What do you do?

Have you done any of the above?

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