Wall Street Survivor Review

Managing your financial life can sometimes be difficult and because of that I am here to review a website called Wall Street Survivor.

I recently heard about this informative website and thought this would be perfect to review since it is Financial Literacy Month.

What is Wall Street Survivor?

Wall Street Survivor helps the average person like you and me understand and learn about investing and personal finance topics. They do this by making financial topics fun, entertaining, and challenging all at the same time so that you actually LEARN something.

Wall Street Survivor does this by offering online personal finance courses as well as offering a stock simulator. The stock simulator is interesting in that it allows you to learn and practice trading stocks without any risk.

This website currently offers 18 different courses that are around 2 to 4 hours each to help you master your personal finances and investments.

The courses have been quite popular since the website was created, with over 425,000 courses already taken.

Some of the different courses on Wall Street Survivor include:

  1. Managing my life 101 – This is a personal finance course that can help you get your financial situation under control so that you can improve your life. You will learn all about how to budget correctly, how to choose the best bank for your situation, all about insurance, and more.

  2. Building your nest egg – In this personal finance-related course, you will learn all about planning for your financial future, compound interest, employer matching, 401ks, and more.

  3. Building money saving habits – This course was designed to help users get out of debt and start saving money.

  4. Getting started in the stock market – This course helps teach the basics of investing in the stock market and how you can possibly make money. You will learn things such as how to understand stock information, why a company would go from private to public, and more.

  5. Creating your investment strategy – This is a great course. It can help you learn about what your investment strategy should be, as everyone is different.

How much do the courses cost?

While some courses do cost money on the website, there are two free courses that I highly recommend you check out if you are interested in improving your financial situation.

The two free courses include the investing course “Getting Started in the Stock Market” and the personal finance course “Building Money Saving Habits.”

They do have courses you can pay for and the prices vary.

You can bundle all of the courses and pay for all of them for a single fee at $199.95 under my link. It’s a little expensive, so I recommend checking out the free courses I listed above to see how you like the website. Great thing is that your access to the courses never expire and they have a money-back guarantee (with stipulations) as well.

Have you ever taken an online personal finance course? How did it work for you?


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