Ways that we could continue to cut our budget

I’m starting to feel better, but still not the greatest. It’s Mardi Gras weekend so I need to start feeling better so that I can celebrate. If it gives you any clue as to where I live (some of you already know), but where I live we have the second largest Mardi Gras in the U.S. (besides New Orleans of course). So everyone goes out and has fun, but I don’t know if I feel like spending a ton of money (heated tents with unlimited beer and food is $100 a person) and freezing to death outside.

Anyways, recently I talked about how much we’ve cut our budget. I also said that I would post about other ways we could cut back, and it took a little longer than I thought, but here’s the post! I know you all were hurting while waiting for this (I’m joking of course). These aren’t all things that I would do, but it’s nice to see the value of everything. And also if we ever had financial problems, then we could easily cut these things.

How we could further cut back:

  1. Priceline. You all are always talking about it. I’m kind of excited to see how low I can get our hotel for our March vacation.

  2. Bundle services. None of our bills are bundled, but we could bundle our cell phones, internet and cable. I’m guessing this would probably save us around $50 a month. I plan on doing this once our cable contract is over.

  3. Coupons. I couponed for a little bit last year, but I haven’t used any coupons in awhile. I’ve just been throwing my newspapers away, which has been a huge waste of money. I’m not a huge couponer, but I’m guessing that I could save around $25-$50 a month if I did this.

  4. Smoking. I don’t smoke, but the BF does. I really wish he wouldn’t (because of my dad), but he still smokes. He doesn’t smoke a ton because he’s more of a social smoker. But still, it’s probably around $10-$15 a week, which is A LOT.

  5. Cancel our gym membership. Our membership together is around $32 a month. It’s not high at all (especially for 2 people), but we could easily just workout at our house and around our neighborhood. This would also save us money in gas because our gym is around 10 miles away. Gas savings? Maybe $20-$25 a month?

  6. Cut the cable. Our cable is now at $75 a month. Is that worth it? I do like watching TV, but I’m always thinking of cheaper ways that are possible.

These are pretty basic things that we could cut. Yes, yes I know that a lot of people either don’t do these things or don’t see these as necessary to begin with (such as having cable), but I enjoy these things. I’ve never been a huge couponer just because I don’t have patience. Smoking is something that I really wish he could cut out. Anyways, if we did these things, I’m going to guess that we would save about:

$292 a month or $3,504 a year

How much we would save if we cut EVERYTHING besides just “needs”? These aren’t all things that I would do, but these are things that are possible. We could use public transportation entirely and that would probably save around $500 a month after buying monthly passes, and we could also get rid of our cell phones, which would save another $100.

I don’t think I could ever start taking public transportation where I live. It’s not safe here and it would literally take FOREVER to get anywhere (probably 2 hours to get to my job which is only 10 miles away). I also don’t think I could get rid of my cell phone. I know it’s extremely materialistic, but I need that thing.

How far would you go so that you could pay your debt off faster and/or save faster?

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