Ways that you might be stalling your job search

I found a good article here, that some of my friends should proooooobably read. Are you looking for a job? Make sure that you’re not doing these.

  1. Are you too passive? Networking is VERY helpful in finding a job. Most jobs are attained through people you might know. Also, when you do have a lead from a network, make sure you follow up.

  2. Also, even if you already have a job, make sure you’re still networking and updating your resume. I update my resume whenever I have something to add or change. Also, get a LinkedIn if you don’t have one yet! I’m always adding new people to my LinkedIn. This will keep your networking strong.

  3. Are you holding out for the perfect job? I have some friends who have been unemployed for quite some time, and they aren’t even applying anywhere unless it’s their “perfect job.” What they don’t understand is how much this is probably hurting them. Doing something that is related to what you want to do is just as good to take until you find the “perfect job.”

  4. You don’t know how long you’ll be waiting for the perfect job, and you don’t want something to pass you up because you thought it wasn’t good enough, and then to only find out that it was.

  5. Do you make the job search all about you? You should learn about the company and position that you are interviewing for and research research research. Don’t make the interview all about you.

  6. All of the places that I got interviews for said that the main thing that separated me from others was that I knew things about the company and it was obvious that I researched about the position and the company past what the original job application said.

  7. Do you have a bad attitude? This one should be obvious, but a bad attitude is easy to notice, and people will judge you of course if you seem unhappy.

Do you know of any other ways that people might be sabotaging their job search?



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