Ways To Make Money During The Holidays

Since I do talk a lot about different ways to make extra money on Making Sense of Cents, I thought I would do an update to the many different ways you can make some cash.

The holidays are quickly approaching (I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week!) and some extra cash may do you some good, right?

There may be many different reasons for why you are trying to make some side money. Maybe you just want to pay for holiday gifts purely with extra money. Maybe you want to pay off your student loans. Maybe you are trying to save up for your 2014 travels. Whatever your reason, finding a side job is a positive thing!

Here are different ways for you to make extra money during the holidays:

Give your expert opinion.

Here is a new way that you can possibly earn some money.

A site that I have recently heard about is Rewarder.com. Rewarder is a marketplace for knowledge and expertise. It’s where you can go when you need a solid answer to a question of yours, or on the flipside, put that special expertise you may have to help others with their questions. Once users such as you post what they need help with (examples are below), the person that provides the best solution receives the Reward!

There have been over $14,000,000 posted in these “rewards” so far, and there are over 500,000 users.

Examples of these “rewards” include:

  1. Stacie S. purchased an espresso machine in another country and wanted to know how to make it compatible for use in the U.S. Adrienne, a coffee aficionado, encountered the same problem with her expresso machine and was able to provide her with the expertise she needed.

  2. Another example is of Tori, who always wondered if an unusual rock she found on Lake Michigan was a fossil. Tori then decided to post a picture and Christa, an archaeologist, was able to help her determine what she had.

  3. A final example would be Michelle, who was unable to get her garage door to close all of the way for several months. Rosa was able to give her a step-by-step trouble shooting guide based on her make and model and it worked.

Have you ever used Rewarder? What are your opinions on it?

Use Swagbucks.

I have been using Swagbucks for some time now. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a way to earn some money on the side with not much work.

Swagbucks is a search engine (like Google or Yahoo) that offers you the chance to earn “swagbucks” for different things. I mainly just do my normal internet searches through Swagbucks. Then when you accumulate enough, you can go to the prize store and get anything from toys, electronics, and gift cards. Most people buy Amazon gift cards.

So far I have made over $200 in Amazon gift cards. It’s super easy to use, so sign up NOW! You’ll receive a free $5 bonus just for signing up through my link!

Do you use Swagbucks? Do you know of any other companies that are similar to Swagbucks?

Sell your stuff.

Like I always say, I’m sure there is something in your home that you can sell. You can sell your clothes to clothing stores such as Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet. You can sell them online on websites such as Craigslist or eBay. If it’s warm enough where you live, you may also be able to have a yard sale.


There are many different things that you can do as a freelancer. You can become a staff writer, website designer, website manager, video editor and so on. There are sites such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit and so on if you are just starting out and want to test your skills or to see if anyone is interested in the services that you provide. Also, if you have a license, use that to your advantage. Make sure that your clients can find your license with a simple license search.

Find a seasonal job.

Many jobs are hiring for the holidays. I believe UPS hires around 50,000 workers every winter, and the same goes for many other large companies. And, if you are looking for a long-term job, then you may be able to secure a job from your temporary position.

There are also many retail stores looking to hire during the holidays and it can be a good short-term side job for you.

Shovel snow.

My friends and I were talking the other day about how we would rather be snowed in than go outside and shovel snow. Many people feel this way and snow shovelers can actually earn a decent income. Plus, if you have a snow plow then the possible income is of course much, much higher.

Other things that you can do include:

  1. Work at a Christmas tree lot.

  2. Clean out gutters.

  3. Rake leaves.

  4. Become a dog walker.

  5. Become a personal trainer. January means that the gym will be packed, and many people are looking to start and reach their fitness goals.

  6. Babysit. The holidays are a busy time and plenty of people need someone trustworthy to watch members of their family.

  7. Become a photographer. Not everyone has the skills to be a photographer, but if you have the skills then maybe you can start a photography business. You can start with family holiday photos!

  8. Take surveys online.

  9. Mystery shop.

  10. Rent a room in your home.

  11. Sign up for a research group.

  12. Participate in a medical study.

  13. Sell crafts such as on Etsy.

  14. House sit.

Do you try to make extra money during the holidays? What do you do?


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