We Live In Our RV Full-Time!

Nearly right after we started RVing, we fell in love with the lifestyle and decided that we would eventually make the switch to full-time RVing.

However, we had some things holding us back, so we decided to wait until 2016 to make full-time RVing a reality. While we only went home for a total of 3 weeks in a 7 month period, we technically weren’t full-time RVers because we still had a house full of stuff.

Well, that’s all changed now! We now live in our RV full-time, and it’s great.

We love the life we’re living, and we can actually picture ourselves doing this for many years.

It’s still weird to think about, and I still wake up every morning and say, “Wes, we LIVE in our RV full-time! Weird, right?” That’s followed by some giggles and a huge smile.

I’m sure he’s tired of me doing that.

Here are some full-time RVing updates and how our life has changed since we started RVing full-time.

Okay, so this will definitely sound crazy, but we bought a new RV. Yep, we traded in our first and got a new one.


Yes, I know how that sounds.

Now that we are living in our RV full-time, we needed something bigger and one that can tow a car.

Our last RV was great, but a 24 foot RV with two people and two dogs is just a little too small for full-time RVing.

We now have a 2016 Winnebago Brave 31C. It’s just under 33 feet and has a ton of space. Plus, it can tow a car, meaning we don’t have to drive our home around town whenever we need to get something.

We love it, and we are so much happier now that we are in a larger RV. It has a big living area, an oven (YES!), a residential fridge, a separate bedroom area, and a big bathroom.

Moving everything into storage was a fun task – not!

Even though we had spent hardly any time at home since we bought our first RV, it still felt weird to put everything into storage.

And, it was something we were not looking forward to at all. We were dreading it nearly all of January and the beginning of February.

We donated and gave away more than half of our belongings, but we still had quite a few things we wanted to store.

Most of the items we were storing had to be placed in climate control storage, which is expensive, so we promised ourselves that we would fit everything into one storage unit. The problem with that was the biggest climate controlled unit we could find was a 6×15.

That’s quite small!

Plus, it was $185 a month.

Due to the cost, we did not want to get more than one, because that would be a lot of money spent yearly on things we would never touch.

We ended up hiring a moving company so we didn’t have to play Tetris in our storage unit. We came very close to needing two, but they made it work!

I’m so glad we no longer have a house, because we no longer have to worry about those extra bills and all of our stuff.

Explaining to people that we don’t have a house is interesting.

As young RVers, we often get asked questions about our situation. Makes sense, I would want to know too!

Some people look at us like we are insane. If we go to the store and someone asks us where we’re from (for some reason, this comes up a lot) and we tell them we live at an RV park or campground, we get some interesting stares. Some people even feel bad for us.

Ha, if only they knew that we chose this lifestyle, and we are having a blast!

It’s completely different when we’re asked this question at an RV park or campground, though. I have passed out so many business cards, and I already need to order more.

Working on the road is possible, and I wish more people realized this.

This leads to my next update…

Working on the road is still going well.

Being able to travel and work at the same time is a fantastic thing.

I almost feel like I am somewhat retired because of how much I love my business and that we travel full-time. It’s a great feeling!

I am still working on two main things: working ahead and affiliate income. I’ve fallen a tad behind when it comes to working ahead, with me only being around two weeks ahead of my blog posting schedule. Affiliate income, on the other hand, is going very well, and I have no complaints about that.

Overall, I have really enjoyed working on the road, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I am having a great time seeing new things, meeting new people, spending more time with Wes and our dogs, and more.

In case you’re new here, you can read more about how I earn a living on the road.

Do you think we’re crazy for living in an RV? Are you interested in full-time RVing or traveling full-time?

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