Weekly Roundup

Hey everyone! At the airport. Haven’t been able to sleep. The BF couldn’t sleep so I told him I would stay up with him to keep him company. What a horrible idea!

There’s a ton of people sleeping at LAX, but I just can’t do it. The floors are super uncomfy. I regret not getting us a hotel room, but it would be stupid to get one for just a couple of hours, and the cheapest I could find (that looked safe) was over $100.

But it’s all good. We’ll be getting on our flight eventually and then we’ll be in Hawaii. I will most likely be sleeping on the beach the whole first day. WHOO HOO that’s all I really want to do anyways.

Some shout outs:

  1. Erika posted why being scared saves her money. I thought it was pretty funny, I need to do something like this soon.

  2. I haven’t read the Hunger Games all the way yet. But I read A LOT at the airport this past day. Almost done with it. Jessica posted what she’s learned from the Hunger Games and I thought it was pretty entertaining.

  3. Bogofdebt wrote a letter to herself also! Check it out.

  4. I haven’t stepped a single foot into Old Navy in FOREVER. Bre posted some cute stuff so I’ll need to check it out ASAP.

  5. Over at Serendipity’s Guide to Saving, they bought a house! WHOO HOO girl!

  6. Hannah passed a really important test. I love her blog by the way, so if you haven’t checked it out, then do. She does some awesome DIY things.

Have a good day!



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