Weekly Roundup

Hope you all had a great weekend! Today’s Sunday and I would be upset, but I took tomorrow off! I still have 2 more vacation days to use, and I still get 3 more holiday days, so I’m hardly working until January! So nice.

You guys always leave wonderful comments and most of the time they have great tips! Here are some of the things that I’ve learned recently:

  1. Pamela informed me that you can mail expired coupons to military families overseas (and probably all military families)

  2. Lisa told me about crock pot liners. Had no idea they existed.

Here are some interesting articles/posts that I’ve read:

  1. Millions set to lose jobless benefits. With the expiration of unemployment benefits, nearly 1.8 million people will be losing their benefits.

  2. How to Spend Less on Everything. Just a basic article with ways to trim your expenses and fix your budget.

  3. Tips on throwing a successful holiday party. I’m having a Christmas party/dinner at my house for some of my close friends, and I’ve never really had friends over for a nice dinner. I definitely need help!

  4. What Percentage of Income Do You Save for Retirement? Over at the Well Heeled Blog, there was a great post, and many interesting comments, take a look.

  5. Katie graduated! How exciting!

Recipes that I’d like to try:

  1. Apple Fritters. These look delicious, and easy!

  2. A tasty looking, healthy dinner.

  3. Tacquitos!

  4. Butterballs. Over at henning love, daily cookie recipes have been posted. They all look so good! So many things to try.

And some funny videos:

  1. On air slip-up “Hooters

  2. Bear who waves at people who pass by.

Hope you had/have a great weekend!



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