Weekly Roundup

It’s the WEEKEND! I’m feeling sick again and have been having sneeze attacks pretty much every second. It’s horrible!

Going to a car show (I think). It kind of stinks just because it’s getting a little cold here now. Just on Thursday it was 85, and now the high is 50. AH! Way too cold for this girl.

I have some work that I brought from the office to do this weekend. We don’t have to bring work home, but I’d rather just get it done and not feel as rushed during the work week. Anyone else do this or am I crazy?

Did you all catch the Cards game last night? WOOHOO! Unless you’re a Braves fan 🙁

I also wanted everyone to know that I’m still loving the switch to WordPress! A lot of you have emailed me and I definitely recommend it.

What are your plans?

Posts I loved this week:

  1. How much does it cost to be a bridesmaid? @ Mo Money Mo Houses

  2. A spouse is not an alternative income stream @ Money After Graduation

  3. Paying Teachers More Is The Only Way To Fix Public Education @ TeacHer Finance

  4. Working as an Employee…and Making the Best of It @ Club Thrifty

  5. 5 Ways Being a Stay At Home Parent Saves You Money @ iHeartBudgets

  6. Retiring or Living Abroad: My Dream @ Savvy Financial Latina

Hope you have a great weekend!

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