Weekly Roundup

Hey everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend. Between studying, 4th of July parties, BBQs, swimming, homework and everything, I have a very packed weekend.

This past week has consisted of my studying like a mad woman. I have a work test today and I’m hoping I pass. Just one more test after this and then I have my certification! I can’t wait until around 6pm today then I can finally be a little less stressed out.

PS I can’t believe tomorrow is July!

Interesting keywords that led people to my blog:

  1. how excited can i be about my friend’s wedding

  2. will you be my best friend

  3. i make more money than him and i hate him

Posts I loved this week:

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  3. Informal Learning Through Blogs @ Add Vodka

  4. Are My Finances Getting Out of Hand? Or Is It Just Summer? @ Young Cheap Living

Have a good day!


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