Weekly Roundup

Wow that was a long week! However, I do think this year is flying by. This week was also the first week of my summer classes. My other summer class starts on July 2nd. Can’t wait until I have my Finance MBA in exactly 7 weeks though. I’ll have so much more time.

We started working on my closet this week. We cleaned everything out and we plan on building a bookshelf for some of my heels. I am still a tad upset that I won’t have a whole bedroom for my closet, but the closet that all of my stuff is in now is still a decent size. It just needs to be better organized.

I don’t have too much planned for the weekend. We might go over to the boy’s parent’s house for Father’s Day, but even though my dad passed away 4 years ago, it is still rough and I hate when people ask me questions or anything. So I’m not sure still. His dad has been like a dad to me though, so I would almost feel wrong not going.

Posts I loved this week:

  1. iHeartBudgets talks about saving money by cutting up a whole chicken. I’ve tried doing this before but hacking it apart was just too much for me. Have you done this?

  2. Dollarversity made a post about why you really are failing at budgeting.

  3. Heating and cooling costs vary from house to house, and See Debt Run talked about this.

  4. Modest Money talks about blog commenting etiquette.

  5. My Alternate Life made a post on whether the emergency fund or the wedding fund should be completed first. What do you think?

  6. Good Financial Cents talked about online courses. Have you ever taken one?

  7. My blog BFF (Erika) talked about how no one cares about what you’re wearing. I am often guilty of wearing the same thing days in a row. Hey! I have my favorite clothes 🙂

  8. Daisy mentioned ways to save on alcohol in the summer. What do you do?

The things I loved on Pinterest of course:


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