Weekly Roundup And Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend.

I don’t have much planned. I have some stuff to do to finally finish up my work certification (I’ve been working on this for OVER 2 years). So I plan on dedicating most of today to that. And then I plan on working on my blog a little bit too.

I have a giveaway today so you can just skip reading and scroll to the bottom if you’d like!

And as you can see, I finally brought “interesting searches” back to my Saturday posts. The first one is funny so that is the main reason why I brought them back 🙂

In case you missed it, here are posts from my blog this week:

  1. $1,175 in Weekly Income and Life Updates

  2. Budget Busters and my Plans

  3. Identity theft (someone bought a house in my name)

  4. ebooks: A Frugal Minimalist’s Dream

Posts I love:

  1. Your Net Worth Isn’t Your Self Worth @ Money Master Mom

  2. Massive Cash Back – American Express @ Money Life and More

  3. The Last Bobby Pin Effect @ Plunged in Debt

  4. How to be a blogging superstar @ L Bee and the Money Tree

  5. Taking Personal Finance Blogs with a Grain of Salt @ Mo Money Mo Houses

Interesting Searches:

  1. do i need to worry i broke into a house but didn’t take anything

  2. do my homework for money craigslist

  3. i don’t want him to make more money than me

  4. i make him clean

  5. i like egyptian pyramids


And on to the giveaway!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Aldi. I tend to shop there whenever I get the chance. The prices are great and I find that the quality is better than the grocery stores around where I live. I especially go to Aldi because their prices on fruits and vegetables are insanely cheaper than what I would find at my normal grocery store as well.

Today I have a great giveaway. Aldi has generously donated 2 gift certificates worth $25 each! Now as some of you know, $25 can be a lot of groceries at Aldi. I tend to spend around $50 there and can buy a lot of food.

There will be two winners, with each person winning a $25 gift certificate. Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

Thanks again Aldi for allowing me to have this giveaway!

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