Weekly Roundup and What I’m loving

Good morning everyone!

I have a lot to do today. Need to go to the bank, get easy food to make that won’t require using the stove (we can’t wash dishes so we don’t want a bunch of dirty dishes or pots and pans), I need to go to the store and then my friends are coming in town for my BIRTHDAY.

My birthday isn’t actually on Monday, but we’re going out tonight. WOOO HOO

Oh yeah, and my sister moved in yesterday unexpectedly. She wasn’t supposed to move in until June 1st but decided to move in sooner.

The plumbing situation still isn’t completely resolved. It turns out then when the plumber the other day snaked the pipes, he didn’t actually clean it out. So even though the pipes are replaced, there is still a major clog and we need to hire someone to come. Check out my full post of my plumbing mistake if you haven’t yet. I was very upset by the hassle of all of this the other day, but for some reason I’m just plain OVER IT now. I’m not going to let it bring me down.

Check out my blog sale also if you haven’t.

Some link love:

  1. Daisy talked about the 90’s and how they set us up to fail. There were so many fads and ideals that came from TV shows and toys it was crazy!

  2. John talked about giving yourself a raise. By paying off debt, you can free up your cash flow by a ton and apply it in different ways. Now that my car payments are done, life just seems SO much easier.

  3. Over at Serendipity’s Guide to Saving, she got the JOB! Go congratulate her!

  4. Bridget had a blog sale. Check hers out 🙂

  5. I live in St. Louis, so I always LOVE reading other St. Louis blogs. There aren’t much out there. Over at See Debt Run, they talked about all the fun and fabulous FREE things that St. Louis has to offer.

  6. My Alternate Life talks about whether or not you would work alternate jobs. I thought this was very interesting. I hate when people complain that they can’t find a job, yet they don’t ever apply because nothing seems good enough for them. Lately my friend has received over 5 job offers and turned them all down! It gets annoying because she always complains that she doesn’t have money.

  7. Erika talks about how to tell if you’re a shopaholic. I’m a shopaholic. I just have to avoid stores completely.

  8. Over at Young, Cheap Living, how to achieve balance and loving what you do is talked about. Check it out!

And the pins that I loved:


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