What are your top money rules?

Yahoo the other day had a great article on top money rules.

  1. Pay Yourself First. Many people (I hope you are included in this) budget their money every month. A certain percentage or amount goes towards housing, food, entertainment, bills and so on. And also what many people do is just throw whatever is left over to savings and retirement. However, what you should be doing is putting money towards savings and retirement FIRST.

  2. Paying yourself first helps you budget better since you know how much you have left.

  3. I should be paying myself first, but I am not. Hopefully I can change this once I feel more comfortable in my situation.

  4. Practice Mindful Spending. Watch what you buy, no matter what the cost is. Whether the purchase is $10 or $1,000.

  5. I definitely watch what I buy and I’m very critical of myself afterwards if I bought something that I don’t need.

What are your top money rules?

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