What do you think about tattoos in the corporate world?

I saw an interesting article the other day on Yahoo about tattoos, piercings, and other things that are consider corporate “no-nos.”

A lot of people have tattoos nowadays. I don’t mind them, I like them. The BF has tattoos all over, and so do a lot of my guy friends. I don’t have any though.

Some corporations have policies on tattoos, hair, piercings and other things, but some don’t. However, most managers in businesses and the corporate world want a more “clean cut” employee.

“Top personal attributes that make employees less likely to receive a promotion, according to hiring managers: • Piercings: 37% • Bad Breath: 34% • Visible Tattoo: 31% • Wrinkled Clothes: 31% • Messy Hair: 29%”

My work has never stated a policy, but I meet with clients at least once a week, so I know for a fact that I can’t have anything that’s visible. What’s your work’s thought about this?

What are your thoughts on tattoos, piercings, etc?


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