What do you wish you would’ve done differently in 2011?

Now that 2011 is almost over, what do you wish that you would’ve done differently? Anything about your life, finances, schooling, relationships, adventure-wise, or anything else? This will of course lead me to eventually think about my goals for 2012, which will hopefully come soon.

I would say that 2011 was pretty nice to me. There were certain things that I wouldn’t mind staying the same, but of course there are other things that would be better if they changed, such as any illnesses or deaths of people that I know.

There were a lot of new changes in my life in 2011, I got a new job in 2010, so in 2011 I was really getting situated still and learning everything. I started an MBA program, found time to start decorating my house, and worked on myself more.

  1. Life. I would say life overall was really good. Nothing too horribly bad happened. I do need to buckle down in 2012 and actually start caring about my classes before finals so that the last week isn’t so horrible. Also want to start caring about everything more and not feeling so lazy. Also, I want to start thinking more positively about things, and having a better outlook.

  2. Finances. I wish I would have paid down more towards student loan debt instead of buying clothes and going out to eat so much. Of course my eating out has changed significantly, but sometimes I revert to old habits and eat out a ton (multiple times a day). I think I’ve also given up on the second job thing, until I graduate with my MBA so that I have more time and not worried about 2 jobs plus school. I need to be better with budgeting for vacations, Christmas, and other things also.

  3. Schooling. I wish I would’ve taken summer classes so that I could be done with my MBA in May of 2012, but now that won’t happen. Hopefully the classes that I need are offered in the Summer, but if they aren’t, then I’ll have to wait until the Fall of 2012. That just seems so far away. I want to actually open my books this semester, that is something that I can say that I did not do last semester.

  4. Relationships. Nothing I would change here. I love the BF and things are of course going great. It’ll be 6 years that we’ve been together in a couple months and our house and pups are great too. Couldn’t ask for more. We had a great time this year and have had more time together because our schedules are more in sync now, which is even better.

  5. Other. I do wish I would’ve gone sky diving like I kept telling myself, but now I’ll be waiting until the spring. I really need to work up the courage and stop freaking out!

What about you?


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