What I’m Lovin’

Short post today (unless I think of something interesting later) because I’m off and I’m starting my weekend early. Maybe I’ll surprise the heck out of you all later and post something exciting.

I’m off today and have a 3 day weekend. Excited! I have a lot planned and a lot of homework. Not looking forward to that. I have 16 pages to write for one paper and around 5 or 6 for another. Hopefully I can finish both of those today or tomorrow. Doubt that will happen though.

I’m also hoping to sell some clothes today also. I doubt I’ll sell that much but I want to at least try and get rid of stuff. My goal for today? 15 items. Wish me luck!

Blog posts and blogs I love:

  1. Newlyweds on a Budget talks about how she wants to blog for fun. A lot of bloggers saw their PR decrease last month, which caused lots of them to realize that text links, etc, is not a stable source of income. Blogging for fun is good. I blog for fun. Yes, while I do make a little extra money from my blog, I talk about my life and the things that are in my life.

  2. Frugal Portland blogs about why she’s happy renting. Where I live, it’s better to buy, but of course in different areas and different people are happier with other things. I think if I lived anywhere else, I’d probably rent.

  3. Over at Serendipity’s Guide to Saving, she posted about how people think she must have a ton of money. I’ve been told this before to, and it lead to people taking advantage of me. Not good!

  4. Frugal and Thankful talks about ways to save money on clothes. Me and my friends talked about having a clothing swap. We borrow each others’ clothes a lot, but we have never actually had a swap. We need to do this though. We’re all the same size and always love each others’ clothes more.



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