What I’ve Been Making

This is what I made the past two nights. We had honey ham, salad, potato salad and grapes. And the other night I made chicken lasagna roll-ups, pasta and salad. It was all good! I’m still trying to make something different everyday, but it’s getting hard. I made quiche the other day also and it was great! Any more recipe suggestions?

I need to run to the store tonight after work and get fruits, vegetables, milk and bread, but other than that, I should be good for quite sometime.

I’m excited for this weekend though! We’re dressing up tonight and tomorrow of course and going out. We all have some pretty funny and interesting costumes.

What are you doing this weekend?

And I won the $50 Novica giveaway from Money Rabbit! I’m so happy. Also, check out eight six eleven’s giveaway for a $20 VS gift card!


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