What I want to do when on Vacation

Since it’s the weekend, I thought I would get into the ultimate Spring/Summer mode and just post a bunch of pictures of things that I would love to do on our March vacation.

We’re still trying to decide on a hotel, and how cheap or nice (expensive) we want to go. I want to use Priceline for this trip, but have never used it. A lot of you recommend it. I have a question though, how long does it usually take to see if your bid is approved? Any tips for using Priceline?

Also I have another question. Usually on vacations, I just buy a cheap disposable waterproof camera, but this time I want a waterproof case for my actual camera. My actual camera right now is just a Nikon Coolpix (haven’t gotten my DSLR yet). Does anyone recommend any housings? Do they tend to work well or no?

I did some MAJOR MAJOR cleaning last night. It was horrible. It is nice knowing that I scrubbed the kitchen down and now it’s pretty much shining. Tonight I’m going out with my friends, and my younger sister is coming out (we’re going to a bar where they let 18 & up in when there’s a band playing). So this will be interesting because I’ve never gone out with her. I think it’ll be fun!

Hope your weekend continues to be great!



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