What salary would make you happy?

If there was a certain salary range that you believe would make you the happiest and feel the most fulfilled, what do you think that amount would be? According to a research study, the amount is $75,000.

The data showed that most people in the U.S are happy and satisfied with their lives

  1. 85% reported a lot of happiness

  2. 24% reported sadness or worry

  3. 39% reported stress

  4. Comparing the U.S. evaluation scores with data available from approximately 150 other countries, the U.S. ranks high. Nations with higher scores than the U.S. were Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and New Zealand.

In 2010, the poverty level for a family of 4 was $22,314,and 15.3% of Americans earned an amount at the poverty level or less. The median household income is $49,445 in the U.S.

I’m not really sure what my happiness salary amount would be. I’m pretty happy right now, but our yearly income already is around that $75,000 amount, but I feel like I could probably be happier. We also don’t have kids. So our income works for us now, but I’m not really too sure if it would work once we have kids.

Our goal is also to have more land and a big backyard (the BF’s family has a couple hundred acres), so we definitely want some sort of acreage. Definitely can’t afford that on our salaries.

However, money wise, I wouldn’t say that we are unhappy at all. If there was a time that we desperately needed something, we DO have things that we could trim in our budget. Cable, cars, entertainment, food, cell phones and other stuff could all be trimmed or eliminated.

So compared to others, I would say that we are definitely happy with our income.

So what about you, what amount would you be ultimately happy with?

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