What to do with all my free time

As you all know, I have a countdown every Monday for when I’m finally done with my MBA. It’s probably very annoying for all of you, but it’s nice to watch the weeks go down and across cross each week off on my blog.

I’ve been working on my MBA since January of 2011. And worked full-time as an analyst the whole time also, so I haven’t had much free time (pretty much no free time).

I work from 8 am to around 5 pm Monday through Friday (of course since it is a financial job), but after that I will have nothing to do. Whenever I have a break from classes, I am usually extremely bored after work.

I asked some of you on Twitter what you would do, or what you are doing. A lot of you kept telling me that I just need to relax! A lot of you did the same thing as me, and now you’re just living life. This is something that I definitely need to do.

But, I do like to keep busy. I’m crazy!

Part-time job? Getting a part-time job or something on the side could help in many ways. Now, I wouldn’t work the same amount that I had classes (12 credits a semester, plus homework easily averaged out to 25 hours a week dedicated to my MBA at least). But even if I just found a part-time job for one or two evenings a week could be helpful.

I could pay off that car that we plan on getting this weekend. I could also pay off my student loans faster. And of course that mortgage, etc.

Of course there are other things I plan on doing when I first graduate.

I’ll come home after work and watch TV for hours and hours, work out more, play with my dogs, hang out with friends more than once a week, work on the house and finish decorating everything and so on.

But I do think there will be a point when this will just be too much free time for me.

I’ve talked about this PLENTY of time. But this time I’m serious. What should I do with all this free time? I’ve had another blog in the works for months now, but haven’t really even thought about it in awhile. Only the concept is there so far 🙂

What jobs would even work though? I’ve thought about bartending, retail (maybe, I don’t know if I’d want to get into that again!), and well I don’t know what else. I have friends who are bartenders, so that’s possible, and they make decent money.

Or just enjoy it? But on the other side, there is a certain point as to where I should (and do) value my free time more than a little extra money. Having a part-time job definitely will not drastically affect my life.

I’m guessing that a part-time job, depending on what and how many hours of course, might bring in around $500, but likely no more. Would $500 be worth my time, or would I be better working on myself (the house, working out, hanging out with friends, etc)?

What would you do with all of this time?

Or what are you doing with your free time?

I know there’s a lot of you in my position!


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