What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

I don’t have any leftover candy, because I had class on Halloween, so I didn’t hand any out but Wise Bread had an article on What To Do With Leftover Candy. Check it out!

  1. Baking and Sweets

  2. Bribing kids and trading. I trade candy with the younger kids for different kinds that I want.

  3. Donate it. Some of the dentists where I live will pay you for your candy and send it overseas

  4. Send it overseas as a holiday box.

  5. Eat it!

Ok, yes I know this list was pretty mundane, but what do you do with extra candy? Some of my friends don’t want to eat all of it because they end up with pounds leftover sometimes. I prefer just to eat it all though. But I know of some people who prepare holiday boxes to send overseas and I always thought this was a good idea also.

And I found a funny article about the most hated candy. What do you not like?

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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