What would you do? HELP! Regarding school, time and pay raises

After I posted my GBU for the week, Tanner and Stephanie got me thinking. I posted my “Ugly” in my GBU:

“I can graduate next semester, IF I can manage to take 6 classes next semester. Having a full-time career, taking care of a house and dogs, and taking 18 MBA credit hours might kill me though. But at least I’d be done sooner then later and then have the rest of my life to not worry about homework anymore (that is until I’m 30 and I go back for my Executive MBA ughhhhhhhhh).”

And I posted a rather lengthy reply to them and I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I want more people to read and see it, so I figured I’d make a post. What would you do? Below is what I said in my comment:

“Thanks everyone. I’m still deciding. I have another meeting with my adviser today. If I switch to just a General MBA, then I will have no problem graduating next semester (because the classes are generally easier and there are more classes offered), but if I stick to my MBA with an emphasis in Finance, then it’ll take longer because the classes are harder and not offered as much. So if I stick with Finance, then I would take 4 classes next semester and 2 in in the Fall of 2012, but there’s always a chance that the classes might not even be offered.

So I’m stuck. I can be done next Spring easily or I can hope that the classes that I need are offered.

And another way that I’m stuck is that I don’t even know if an MBA with an emphasis in Finance is any better than a General MBA. They both require the same amount of credits and employers and clients don’t really care if you have an emphasis or not, because after my name, just the 3 letters would be showing (MBA), so it’s not like anyone would even know the difference. Clients and employers usually care more about designations and licenses. I’m also thinking about just doing a general MBA regardless of the time because it won’t even really matter.

Also, if I wait to graduate until next Fall, then there’s the chance that I’ll get a bigger raise overall because my work is already giving me a big bump in June, and therefore if I graduated in May, I would be afraid that my bumps won’t be as big since they would both be in the same month.

Also also (sorry haha), but if I wait until December, then I can defer my loans for an extra 6 months (this is versus if I graduated in May), and most of my loans are federal loans that don’t gain interest, so I would essentially be saving money as well.”

And for those wondering, I would be able to fit the 6 classes in, because one class only meets everyday for two weeks and that’s all. And the other class is a class that’s only on Saturdays. I just really want to be done with school, but is it the best choice? Should I go slower so that I’m not burned out? I’ve taken a lot of classes before, so I’m not afraid that I won’t do as well (but I’m sure my grades would be slightly worse). When I was an undergrad, I often took 21 credits, while working full time and living on my own, but those were difficult times, so I don’t know if I want to do it again.

What would you do?

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