When do you think it’s ok to NOT save money?

Do you think there are certain times when you shouldn’t feel as bad about not saving money? I read an article on Quizzle about When it’s Ok to NOT save money.

Here are the three times that are listed in the article:

  1. If you’re a college student. When you’re in college, you might be tempted to never go out because you would rather save, but there’s a point where you can just NEVER go out and just never have fun. Every now and then, it’s fine to spend a little money on yourself and get lunch with friends (assuming you have the money and you’re not just putting it on a credit card).

  2. If you’re a parent of young children. It says here about not depriving yourself of every little thing in order to save. You should still try going on date nights and hiring a babysitter.

  3. When you lose your job. If you lose your job, then it’ll be difficult to still put that certain percentage into savings every time. This is what emergency funds are for right?

What do you think? Now, obviously if you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t be frivolously spending it just because.

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