Where should we travel to?

Now that I’m self-employed, I can pretty much work wherever I want to – I just need my laptop (well, and money). I can manage my business while traveling! I’m also finally going to be able to fulfill one of my dreams!

When are we going?

It won’t be long-term like we wanted (that will happen some day!), but it will be around two to three months. We will be trying to leave in January, so you can only guess that we are scrambling to get everything done and actually make some plans.

I’m really hoping that this does not fall through. We are getting married in the beginning of June of 2014, so this traveling will be right beforehand.

So, I haven’t done much wedding planning so far, and I need to get some wedding contracts started (tent, chairs, tables, food, drinks, music, video, and much, MUCH more). If I don’t get this done, then the trip may have to wait a little bit, because if I wait until the trip is over, well, then it would only be a month or two until the wedding. Planning an outdoor wedding in one or two months for over 200 people would be VERY difficult.

We have no more excuses (besides the wedding).

The other excuse that we kept using was that we didn’t have someone to watch the dogs. Well, now my sister and her boyfriend will be watching the dogs and house (so, yes, he will be moving in also) for us while we are gone.

That makes it so much easier for us because we won’t have to shuffle the dogs around to people.

So, where should we go?

There are many places that we are thinking about traveling to. We want to go to countries in Central America, countries in South America, South Africa, Thailand, France, Italy, Germany and pretty much everywhere else.

Before you make fun of me, I also really want to visit where the movie the Beach was filmed – Ko Phi Phi. We also need to look into hotels to book and may start with hotels in Causeway Bay.

Yes, that is a lot of places. We don’t plan on going to all of those places, because I would prefer to spend a little more time in each country instead of just a couple of days. Staying longer will also make it easier to work while we are traveling.

We also can’t decide if we want to do even longer stays (such as every 3 weeks) or stay about one week in each country that we go to. Longer stays mean that we could save time by not having to spend a ton of time traveling, and it also means that we could save money by not having to spend money on transportation as often.

We are also thinking about beach hopping and exploring Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and Thailand.

As you can tell, my mind is all over the place!

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Where would you travel to in January and February? Any tips for kind-of-long traveling?

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