Why I’m Happy I Made The Decision To Leave My High Paying And Secure Job For Blogging

That’s exactly what happened to me. Almost two years ago, I left my high paying and secure job so that I could blog full-time.

However, let’s rewind a little bit. Before I started full-time blogging and running my online business, I worked as a financial analyst at a small investment/valuation firm.

It wasn’t the greatest job on earth, but it was stable, the income was good, the bonuses were great, and there were benefits. Plus, my employer told me from the very beginning that it would be a “lifer” job, so I knew as long as I kept on improving that I would have a job for a very long time and that one day I would be running the company.

However, that just wasn’t for me.

My job was very stressful yet still extremely boring at the same time (further described below).

Now, most of the above probably makes it sound like I had a great career and that I’m just a complainer. Due to this, I am often asked why I left my “good” job to become a full-time blogger and online business owner.

Some even tell me I’m crazy for blogging as a career.

Others say I’ve made a big mistake.

However, I don’t care what anyone says. I’m happier than ever as a full-time blogger and online business owner and I could never imagine a life different from the one I’m currently living. If starting your own blog, earning a living, and blogging as a career makes you happy, then you should go for it as well!

Below are some of the many reasons for why I’m happy that I left my secure job for blogging as a career.

My income potential has no limit.

One major reason for why I’m happy that I left my secure job for full-time blogging is that my income potential has no limit. I can work as hard or as little as I want – it all depends on me. I also love what I do, so being able to earn a living from it is a no-brainer.

It’s also no secret that I make a good living as a full-time online business owner. My income is now over double what I was earning in 2013 when I left my day job and I project that it will continue to grow well into the future.

I enjoy being my own boss.

Being my own boss is another reason for why I’m happy that I left my secure job for blogging as a career.

I’ve been my own boss full-time for around two years now and I never see myself going back. I enjoy blogging as a career and being in control of everything that has to do with my business.

I enjoy deciding what I will do each day, creating my own schedule, determining my business goals, handling everything behind the scenes, and more.

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I love what I do.

Like I said above, my old job was not absolutely horrible.

However, it was stressful dealing with mergers and acquisitions, valuing companies, analyzing contracts and agreements, and more 24/7. It was not fun and there was not a single task I enjoyed at my day job.

Now, I love each and every service I provide, and here’s yet another reason for why I’m happy that I left my secure job for blogging as a career. There’s not a single thing I do not enjoy (except for maybe taxes and dealing with health insurance…).

Running an online business may not be for everyone and it may not be understood by everyone, but it’s something I enjoy.

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Location independence allows me to work from wherever.

My online business allows me to work from the comfort of my home and it also allows me to be location independent. It’s great to be able to work from wherever.

I can travel wherever I want and right now we are even debating getting an RV. This wouldn’t be nearly as possible without my online business and it’s another great reason for why I enjoy full-time blogging.

I have a better social life.

Many often tell me that I must be bored out of mind since I work from home and I must have no one to talk to. That is far from the truth though!

At my old day job, I was one of the only females in the industry and everyone was at least 20-30 years older than me. That doesn’t make much room for friendships right there so I often spent most of my time in my office without speaking a word all day long, unless I was speaking to a client.

Nowadays, I talk to people all day long and it’s another plus that full-time blogging has over my old day job. I have Wes working alongside me each and every day, I see and talk to people when I do activities outdoors each day, I talk to my friends and blogging buddies every day, and more.

My flexible schedule is amazing.

I know that it’s just life, but working from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with just a few weeks of vacation each year was just not for me.

What I love about what I do now is that I have a flexible schedule and I can schedule my day for when I work best.

I can wake up early in the morning and work a little, enjoy the daylight hours by doing something outside, and work again later at night. Or, I can switch it up and do whatever. Whatever I decide to do each day, it’s nice to be able to have a flexible schedule and have more options.

I look forward to working each and every single day as a full-time blogger. It’s almost an addiction now.

Do you love what you do? Why or why not? Would you ever leave a stable job so that you could do what you love? Is starting your own blog and then blogging as a career something you are aiming for?

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