Women Power and Appearance?

Daily Worth had a great article recently on Women, Power, and Appearance. According to the article, a study that was recently published stated that women are more likeable, seem more trustworthy, and more competent when they wear makeup.

I was the first to comment, and I put (I made a typo and made a second comment below it):

“Wow the average woman spends $100 per month on beauty? Does that include clothes? Because that seems like a ton of money.

I consider spending on beauty an investment and a necessity. I don’t feel comfortable without makeup. I don’t wear a ton, just a little foundation and blush, but if I don’t wear blush, I constantly get asked if I’m sick or if I ever sleep.”

I do think $100 a month (for just makeup) is a lot. I think someone else commented on the Daily Worth article that this includes plastic surgery too, but I’m not sure. I do spend a lot of money on looking nice, and I do see where this article is coming from. If I don’t look prepared at work, then people would probably think that I’m not. I wouldn’t say I’m superficial though. I literally look like I’m dieing when I don’t wear blush.

Now if beauty also includes hair, then I kind of understand how you might get to $100, but that still seems kind of like a lot. I don’t buy a ton of makeup because I like to invest in pieces that will last me around half a year, and I don’t really need anything too crazy or special.

What do you think about the study/article? What’s your view on beauty?

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