Work at Home and Online Scams

There are many scams out there. I don’t know if any of you watch the 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom episodes, but a girl on the show fell for a Western Union scam. She ended up losing $3,000 by cashing the check she was given and giving the guy back the change. Did anyone else hit their head on the wall when she was doing this? Yes I know this episode is from around a year ago, but I still think of how much she was an idiot for that.

The many many types of scams:

  1. Nigeria. Someone from another country needs YOUR help and only you can help. They need help transferring millions and millions of dollars. Easy huh?

  2. What you should do: Ignore this, don’t even open it.

  3. Check cashing. They will buy something from you on Craiglist or something and give you a check. This check will be for an amount MUCH higher then the item that you bought and then they will ask you to cash the check and give them back the change. By time you give them the money, the bank will most likely notice a couple of days later that the check was fradulent and you will most likely have to pay.

  4. What you should do: Don’t FALL FOR THIS! So many people fall for this every time. Why would anyone write you a check for more than the item is worth?

  5. 900 numbers. You’ll usually sit on the line and rack up tons of charges by waiting.

  6. What you should do: Don’t call 900 numbers. I’m not positive, but don’t they all rack up charges?

  7. Lottery winning. Congrats! You won millions of dollars and you didn’t even have to enter anything and you don’t even know how you won this.

  8. What you should do: Don’t open this either!

  9. You have a lost friend who desperately needs your help. They will pretend to be a friend of yours and say they are stuck in another country and that they really need your help. The only way you can help is if you fork over your credit card and some money (well a lot of money).

  10. What you should do: If you truly think that this might be a friend of yours, then try calling your friend first and see how they are doing.

Fess up, have you ever fallen for a work at home, online, or phone scam?


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