Would you ask for a raise?

Daily Worth had a great article the other day titled How to Ask for a Raise…And Get It!

I’ve only asked for a raise once in my life (which should not be surprising considering I’ve technically only had 2 jobs). I was underpaid when I was a teenager and my boss took advantage of the fact that I was quiet. Everyone else who worked with me made more, even though they were horrible workers (the boss even hated some of them, so I’m not sure why they got more raises than me) and worked at the store less than me.

I asked and I received. She was stunned at first that I asked. I didn’t get a huge raise, but then again I was only 19 when I asked, so it’s not like the raise would be thousands of dollars.

Here are some tips from How to Ask for a Raise:

  1. How much are others in your field earning? – This will help you understand what you should be asking for, or if you should even be asking.

  2. How much can you earn? – What do you think you’re worth?

  3. How is your company doing financially? – If your employer is in a bad financial condition, it might not be the best time to ask for a raise.

  4. Prepare your argument – When you talk to your employer, go prepared. If you’re not prepared, then your case will not be good of course.

  5. What to do if you don’t get the raise? – Think about this before hand. Are you going to quit your job?

  6. “Your answer may depend on what your boss says. For example, has she turned you down because of your performance? If so, ask yourself if her criticisms are valid. If they are, think about what changes you can make. If they aren’t, you may want to go where you are appreciated. If there is some other reason you were turned down, talk to your boss to find out if she expects the situation to change. If she does, find out when you can talk about this again.”

  7. Make an appointment to talk to your employer

  8. Present Your Case – and try not to be nervous!

Daily Worth also had a great poll on their site too. If you were paid more at your current position, would it be your dream job?

Have you ever asked for a raise? What was the outcome? Any tips?

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