Would You Ever Move To A Completely New Place?

I see that some of you are in the planning stages to move to a new city, but then there are some of you (like me) who are making a ton of excuses about why you can’t live your dream.

One of the reasons that we stalled our next home purchase and have decided to stay in our current house is because we don’t know where we want to live.

We have been thinking about traveling to new places, but we just are not sure what we should do.

W’s parents are moving out-of-state because his dad received a promotion, and my sister and her boyfriend are leaving for Chicago.

Some of my friends have moved away from St. Louis also, which occasionally makes us wonder why we don’t consider moving somewhere else. Or even just testing a new place out.

I mean, we are young, we have no children, and we are not bound by our jobs.

I love St. Louis.

I do enjoy living in St. Louis, and we of course still have family members and friends left, but moving to a new place or even just traveling around the world before we have children has always excited me.

Plus, I have been sucked into the travel blogging world and I’ve been reading personal finances blogs where some bloggers such as Erin (at Red Debted Stepchild) and Cat (at Budget Blonde) have moved to exciting places.

I of course can’t help but to wonder what else is out there since I have only lived in Chicago and St. Louis.

When we went to Gulf Shores earlier this month and we stayed in a rental home, it made us wonder if we should spend the next few years traveling and seeing the whole world (with spending every few months in a new state or new country, and possibly still keeping our house as our home base).

Luckily, I can work from wherever and all I need is my laptop.

And then, we would maybe move to a new area if we ended up loving it.

Also, if you are a new reader, I would just like to say that occasionally I ponder “what ifs” in my life a lot and think of wacky new ideas. This is one of them. I don’t always follow through but everyone has dreams, right?

Would cost of living be cheaper or more expensive?

St. Louis is definitely very cheap place to live. However, I’ve been reading certain blogs and websites, and we could definitely do cheaper in other areas. I’ve heard of many people living in places in Asia such as Thailand for $1,500 a month. Or we could try the Caribbean (which would probably be more expensive). Or we could possibly live closer to a U.S. beach!

Would you ever move to a completely new place? Why or why not?

Would you move to a new place if it meant cheaper living?

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